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Nurse Educator Recruitment Campaign

Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow (NHT) announces the launch of a new outreach campaign to increase the number of nurse educators available to teach in nursing schools and in clinical settings nationwide.

As interest in nursing careers continues to grow, nursing colleges and universities are struggling to expand programs and accommodate all qualified students. Over the past three years, thousands of would-be nurses have been turned away from nursing schools, primarily due to an insufficient number of faculty. To compound the problem, a wave of faculty retirements is expected over the next 10 years as competition for nurses with advanced degrees continues to grow.

NHT's 43 member organizations are committed to alleviating the nursing shortage by addressing one of its root causes through the new faculty recruitment campaign. Organizers are looking to inspire a new generation of nurse educators to pursue the unique rewards and benefits associated with preparing the future nursing workforce.

The new campaign features:

  • Four colorful ads depicting Nurse Educators which encourage teaching careers
  • An outreach campaign to nursing journals and the mass media
  • A new career profile on the Nurse Educator posted on the NHT Web site
  • Ready-to-Run articles featured in a special edition of the NHT newsletter

The campaign's success will rely heavily on grassroots support. If you have specific questions or requests about the campaign, please contact

How You Can Help

Join us in the effort to promote careers in nursing education by completing the following:

  • Download the Nurse Educator ads and place them in your publications or distribute as flyers to nursing staff and students.
  • Print and post the ads on bulletin boards and in high traffic areas.
  • Send a blast email announcing the Nurse Educator campaign launch.
  • Add a link on your Web site to the NHT site.
  • Run an article in your own publications using the content contained in the NHT newsletter.
Print Advertisements

The seven print ads featured in the campaign can be placed in any print media as either paid or non-paid advertising. Each ad showcases a Nurse Educator and gives information on the individual's background. Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow is relying on publications donating space to place the ads or member organizations purchasing space.

To view a larger 7"x10" (PDF) version of any of the advertisements, please click on any of the thumbnail images below. To view smaller (PDF) versions of the advertisements, please click on the links below the nurse educator information.

(These advertisements are in Adobe Acrobat Reader portable document format.)
click to see Ad

Joanne Pohl, PhD, RN, ANP, FAAN
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Community Partnerships
University of Michigan School of Nursing

Half-page Vertical 3"x10" ad
Half-page Horizontal 5"x7" ad

click to see Ad

Randolph Rasch, PhD, RN, FNP
Professor and Program Director, Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty
Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

Half-page Vertical 3"x10" ad
Half-page Horizontal 5"x7" ad

click to see Ad

Carol Toussie Weingarten, PhD, RN
Associate Professor
Villanova University College of Nursing

Half-page Vertical 3"x10" ad
Half-page Horizontal 5"x7" ad

click to see Ad

Debi Vendittelli, MSN, RN
Associate Professor
Schoolcraft College Department of Nursing

Half-page Vertical 3"x10" ad
Half-page Horizontal 5"x7" ad

click to see Ad Nurse Educator Recruitment
Campaign Flyer

Careers in Nursing Campaign

For details on NHT's Careers in Nursing campaign, which features downloadable ads/flyers, public service announcements, and movie theatre advertisements, click here.