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In this section you will find a variety of resources, links to other points of interest on the Internet and communications notices from the Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow coalition. This important section of our website is a work in progress and we welcome all contributions and suggestions for adding additional material, information and links.

Important Reading

Below is a link to a document on the problem that the field of nursing is encountering. The problem, of course, is the looming nurse shortage, both in the United States and abroad.

Additional Links

This is a list of other important links.* This list will grow over time and we appreciate all suggestions for uncovering additional vital resources.

Is Nursing for You?

Johnson & Johnson's Campaign for Nursing's Future

Juggling Nursing School and Family

NurseZone Online Magazine

Nursing . . . The Ultimate Adventure

Nursing Education Facts and Resources

U.S Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook

Your Nursing Career - A Look at the Facts

* Disclaimer: NHT does not necessarily endorse the content provided by sites linked to this one.